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10 Spring activities near Mississauga and Toronto

Spring is here, and it's time to explore the great outdoors!

If you're a newcomer to Mississauga and the Toronto area, there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy in the warmer weather.

Here are ten things to do in the Mississauga and Toronto areas this spring that we've done and recommend.

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1. Visit the Toronto Islands.

This is one of our favourites. The Toronto Islands are a must-visit destination in the spring. Located just a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto, the islands offer stunning views of the city skyline and Lake Ontario. Visitors can rent bikes, enjoy a picnic, or explore the islands' parks and beaches.

Also, this island has cherry blossoms, so come out to enjoy and take pictures.

2. Explore one of Mississauga's parks.

Enjoy the great outdoors that Mississauga has to offer. Find a selection of 14 parks and trails you should try that, in our experience, are spaces to connect with yourself and nature at 14 parks and trails to visit in Mississauga, Ontario. Admission to these parks is free and family and pet friendly.

3. Explore High Park

High Park is one of Toronto's largest parks and a popular destination for locals and tourists. The park features over 400 acres of green space, including hiking trails, gardens, and picnic areas. Visitors can also enjoy various recreational activities, including tennis, swimming, and baseball.

4. Check tourist attractions in Toronto.

Toronto has many tourist attractions; take your time and visit the CN Tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma and much more.

You will find more details about places to discover on this page, where you can download a map with more than 50 attractions.

5. Walk the Toronto Beaches Boardwalk

The Toronto Beaches Boardwalk is an excellent promenade along the shores of Lake Ontario. The promenade offers stunning views of the lake and Toronto skyline, as well as a variety of stores, restaurants and cafes. Visitors can also enjoy the nearby beaches and parks.

6. Visit the Niagara Falls

This place is just over an hour's drive from Toronto and offers breathtaking views of the waterfall and plenty of attractions and activities. It can be accessed via Go Transit buses as well.

Some recommendations for visiting places are walking along the falls, Cliffton Hill Road with the wax museum, Niagara Skywheel, ziplining, etc.

7. Enjoy a walk or bike ride along Toronto's lakefront.

Lakeshore in Toronto offers a beautiful waterfront trail perfect for walking, jogging, or cycling.

The Martin Goodman Trail stretches for over 56 kilometres along the shoreline of Lake Ontario, providing scenic views of the lake and the city's skyline. Along the way, there are several parks and beaches where you can stop to rest, have a picnic or simply enjoy the views.

You can rent a bike from one of the many bike rental shops along the trail or bring your own. We did it last year using the service of Bike Share Toronto with the PBSC app.

8. Visit the Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs is a must-see natural wonder in Toronto, along Lake Ontario's eastern shores.

The bluffs also offer several scenic parks and beaches, including Bluffer's Park and Scarborough Heights Park, where visitors can hike the trails, relax on the beach, and take in the breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding landscape.

9. Visit The Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains, Ontario, offers plenty of exciting outdoor activities to enjoy during the spring season.

Located 1 hour and 50 minutes from Mississauga, it is a beautiful place where you can enjoy strolling along the village street and enjoying the sunshine.

You can also visit Collingwood near the Blue Mountains and enjoy several trails. We visited last week, and it was beautiful.

10. Sunset in Riverdale.

Watching the sunset in Riverdale, Toronto, is a beautiful experience that will take your breath away.

The view from Riverdale Park, situated on a hill overlooking the downtown Toronto skyline, is particularly stunning. The park offers a panoramic view of the city and Lake Ontario, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists.

I hope this post gives you an idea of places to visit now that Canada's weather is improving. No matter which one you choose, go out and enjoy the sunshine and celebrate all you have accomplished since you arrived in Canada.

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