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6 places you can visit to enjoy this summer in Ontario, Canada.

Summer has arrived in Canada, and plenty of activities exist. If you are a newcomer from a country with access to the sea, it is obvious that you feel nostalgia when you live in Ontario to get into the water in summer.

In this province, there is no access to the sea, but there are many lakes where you can also experience going to the beach.

In this blog post, I will introduce you to 6 places in Ontario that we have had the opportunity to visit and recommend to our fellow newcomers. I will show them from the farthest to the closest from Mississauga.

I'm sure there are more beautiful places to discover, but for now, these are the ones we know about.

Pack your sunscreen, towel and sense of adventure as we embark on a journey from beach to beach in Ontario.

Table of contents

1. Tobermory

Last year we had the opportunity to visit this place for a day with some friends. It is about a three-hour drive north of Mississauga. It sounds like a lot, but the scenery along the way makes you enjoy the trip.

Tobermory is a port city of crystal clear waters that sometimes make you forget you are in Canada. It is part of the Bruce Peninsula.

One of its attractions is Flowerpot Island, which can be accessed through tourist services, and there is also a lighthouse.

Image of a white lighthouse in Tobermory, Ontario
Lighthouse located in Tobermory.

The most convenient way to reach Tobermory is by car. From Mississauga, you can take Highway 401 west towards Highway 6, which will take you north to Tobermory. The drive takes approximately 3-4 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Unfortunately, there are no direct buses from Mississauga to Tobermory. Still, you can take a bus to nearby towns such as Owen Sound or Wiarton and connect with Tobermory. You can arrange local transportation from there or take a cab to Tobermory, about an hour away.

Another alternative is to look for trips from Toronto. I have found that the Parkbus company offers a trip from there. Here is the link with more details.

2. Lion's Head Provincial Park

We stopped to visit Lion's Head Provincial Park on the same trip we made to Tobermory.

A short distance before arriving in Tobermory is one of the best-kept secrets in Ontario: Lion's Head Beach.

It's a quiet beach with a sandy shoreline perfect for sunbathing, swimming or picnicking with loved ones.

Since the water is very calm, I recommend it, especially if you travel with children.

There was also a farmer's market nearby, and we had a great time swimming and enjoying the blue waters.

Lion's Head Beach

3. Southampton

This year we planned to revisit Tobermory, but fate suggested this town because we found affordable accommodations, but it turned out to be a hidden gem that we discovered.

Located on the shores of Lake Huron, Southampton Beach is a popular summer destination for locals and tourists alike. Its pristine sandy shores stretch for miles, providing ample space for relaxation and fun.

It has a wide beach, starting out as a stony beach and as soon as you move along the coast, it thins out, and you end up with a sandy beach and blue waters.

Southampton also offers a charming downtown with boutique stores and restaurants that add to the overall appeal of this charming seaside town. In addition to this, the sunsets over the lake are a marvel.

Sunset in Southampton

4. Cherry Beach

In Toronto, you will find Cherry Beach. This beach overlooks Lake Ontario and is known for its cool breeze. It is a bit windy, which can be refreshing on hot days.

Cherry Beach is where you can see people having fun with water sports. When we went there, seeing people practicing wind sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, and much more was impressive.

Many people also visit Cherry Beach to enjoy sports like volleyball and kite flying. If you're lucky, you might even catch a beautiful sunset.

Cherry Beach

5. Marie Curtis Park East Beach

Suppose you are looking for something close to Toronto, Etobicoke and Mississauga. You have the option of Marie Curtis Park East Beach.

Marie Curtis Park East Beach is a charming place in Toronto where you can take a break from the busy city. It is in a park near Lake Ontario.

The beach has soft sand and crystal clear water and is relaxing. You can lie in the sun, swim, or stroll along the lakeshore. People often bring food and have picnics here. It is also very well connected to the surrounding towns by bike path.

It is a good place to enjoy nature and contemplate the beautiful lake. Although it is in the city, it feels like a quiet getaway.

Marie Curtis Park East Beach

6. Jack Darling Memorial Park

This Mississauga gem offers a peaceful retreat from city life.

If you want a full plan for the day, start by picnicking with your family at Jack Darling Memorial Park, where you'll find picnic tables, barbecues, access to Lake Ontario and more.

Then you can walk to the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, exploring the boardwalks and trails that wind through the lush marshes, spot migratory birds and breathe in the fresh air.

Although swimming is not permitted at Rattray Marsh, Jack Darling Memorial Park is connected by a very short distance. This protected area's scenic beauty and tranquillity make it a must-see destination for nature lovers and those looking for a quiet getaway with family or friends.

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area


I hope this information helps you and motivates you to get out and explore this summer. Take advantage of the sun, good weather and enjoy!

If you know of other beaches near Mississauga, share them!

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